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Holiday Décor Trends For 2018

Story by Katie Ryalen | Photos by Kirsten McGoey

What’s hot in holiday décor this season? What big, bold on-trend statement are your neighbours going to make that you should be aware of? How do you need to decorate if you want to keep up with the Joneses?

Don’t panic—we’re being a little tongue-in-cheek here. When it comes to the holidays, trends are mere guidelines. Your personal style and tastes will always be at the forefront of how you decorate your home. Nevertheless, there are a few fabulous looks which change from year to year that you might want to know about. They’re simply too gorgeous not to share. Here, two of our Durham Region décor experts share their industry expertise, and tell us what’s big for 2018.

East Magazine, Home Decor, Holiday Decorating, Christmas Tree, Christmas DecorationsEvery Christmas, Sheridan Nurseries in Whitby is a go-to destination for those who are eager to launch themselves into the spirit of the season. An amazing display of fully decorated trees awaits to dazzle shoppers with colours, ornaments and lights. Themes range from traditional to modern, and each one is carefully arranged to offer its own unique magic.

At Sheridan, trees can be purchased in both live and everlasting form. Which type of tree you choose is entirely up to you. If you opt for the ease, flexibility and low maintenance of an everlasting tree, Sheridan Nurseries carries a selection which Steve Cline, general manager, estimates is in the range of 20 different varieties. If you’ve never considered an everlasting tree before and have visions of the mangy plastic creations that dominated the 1980s, rest assured that they are incredibly realistic-looking in this modern age. You can even purchase scented ornaments to make your everlasting tree smell like the real thing.

Each year, decorating trends emerge and are worked into Sheridan’s displays. For this year, Cline has discovered that it is all about the lights. “That’s nothing new,” he says, “but the trend which is emerging is that people are lighting everything now, whether inside or outside.”

Lighting, as any décor enthusiast knows, comes in all shapes and sizes. The bigger bulbs which were popular as far back as the 1940s have never truly gone out of style. Nor have the icicle lights that emerged in the late Nineties. Multi-coloured twinkle lights are as suitable for your tree as soft white ones, and vibrant LED bulbs have entrenched themselves into our more environmentally conscious traditions. With lighting, it really is that anything goes. An emerging trend in lighting this year is the use of fairy lights. These are the extremely tiny bulbs that stretch out on a wire. Whether they’re your style or not, expect to see these mystical little lights twinkling wherever you go.

East Magazine, Home Decor, Holiday Decorating, Christmas Tree, Christmas DecorationsA continuing trend in décor that is still going strong for more than a decade is to use natural elements. “Live cedar boughs and garlands are popular,” Cline points out. “That’s always been a thing for outdoors, but they’re really taking a prominent role in indoor décor as well. The outside is moving in.”

Whatever your theme this season, Steve urges shoppers to purchase decorations sooner rather than later to avoid supply shortages. “We find that suppliers are offering less depth of ornaments and such because there is more pressure to try and sell out,” he explains. “The sooner you can buy, the better selection you will have. Don’t wait until the middle of December, because most places are going to be sold out. Everyone thinks Christmas is in December, but when it comes to pre-planning, our biggest month is November. If you wait until December we’re going to be in sell-off mode. So, decorating early is always a benefit because you will find the selection you want.”


Rekkers Garden Centre, Bowmanville

For over 50 years, Rekkers Garden Centre has been a mecca for gardening enthusiasts in Bowmanville. Come the holidays, an inspiring selection of outdoor seasonal décor becomes available so that shoppers can deck their porches and yards along with their halls.

“One of the big things we do is the outdoor greenery,” says sales associate Robin Blesse. “We probably carry the biggest selection in the area of branches, the kind that you put in your urns for your front porch. We also carry custom and premade planters if you don’t want to create them yourself. You can just come in, pick one up, and plunk it into your pot.”

Holiday urns and porch planters are, of course, a big trend that have been going strong for several years now. In fact, people begin looking for them as early as the beginning of November. If you have the time and the creative eye, they are quite easy and fun to put together yourself. You choose what branches to add, whether you want birch logs, big and bold ornaments, or perhaps ribbons and bows and berries. “It’s really not too difficult,” Robin states. “As long as you have nice branches and you just stick them all in, you’ll end up with something that looks pretty nice. It’s accessible 
to everyone.”

East Magazine, Home Decor, Holiday Decorating, Christmas Tree, Christmas DecorationsBelieve it or not, what goes into the urns besides the green branches does trend from year to year. “Last year reds were a big thing,” Robin says. “Some years it’s berries, other years it’s those shiny, great big balls that look like glass. We’ve had years when it’s been all about the natural look, with burlap and pinecones, and we’ve had years where there hasn’t been a discernable trend at all, and everybody just wants pretty. You can put your planter on your porch, and do something massive or just a little one, depending on your porch size. There’s a style for everybody, and this stuff looks good no matter what your style is.”

Like Steve Cline of Sheridan Nurseries, Robin has also noticed that fairy lights are becoming a popular element in décor this year. She says, “We’re seeing a lot more of the little fairy lights on wire string, and we’re actually getting a bunch in for Christmas as well. I can see people buying into that and lighting up their urns, too. That might become this year’s big trend. The wires don’t show very much and you can put them on just about anything.”

Ultimately, whatever you choose to do and whatever theme you decide to create, decorating your front porch is a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit, and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Whether you go for fun or elegant, bold or demure, your porch can reflect your own festive style as much as your home does inside. “Personally, what I put on my porch always reflects what I’ve done inside my home,” Robin says. “If I’ve done a red and white theme inside, I’ll put red and white on my porch. It’s all about putting your own style into whatever you do.”

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